How often should you dry clean your clothes?

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One should not dry clean a fabric of any type whether it is stitched or unstitched frequently as we would do it with wet cleaning. This is because of the heat that will be applied to the clothes every time it is cleaned. Whatever be the type of cloth that is dry cleaned, it should only be given a moderate amount of heat in a period of time. Checkout best dry cleaning singapore to get your clothes cleaned in a very good condition for a better price.

If you are new to dry cleaning your clothes, it is better that you know some important points before following this. They are as follows,

  • Different types of fabrics should be cleaned in different time intervals so as to prevent it from damage. It is recommended that you atleast wearany kind of clothes for three times before you can send it for dry cleaning services. Sweaters can be worn for 3 to 5 times before you can dry clean. Bottoms like skirts for women and pants for men can be worn for atleast 5 times before you can send it for the next dry cleaning turn. Dresses, blouses and all other clothes can also be washed after 2 to 3 wears. It is better to use for few times before you can schedule it for dry cleaning. Contact best dry cleaning singapore to get back your old and dirty clothes shine like a new one.

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