Choose the right functional glasses

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With their large windows, patio doors offer a particularly large area through which heat can escape, sound can be transmitted and a burglar can penetrate. For this reason, the planning of functional glass is essential. Triple glazing of patio enclosures in Edmonton, AB doors alone can prevent 90 per cent of the 27 per cent heat loss through glass doors.

Common sizes for patio doors

In the past, standard dimensions for windows and doors were common, but today patio doors are made individually for each customer with the help of technical possibilities. However, some dimensions are requested more often than others. Double-leaf patio doors are often requested in the sizes 200 cm x 200 cm or 180 cm x 200 cm.

Single-leaf or permanently glazed patio doors, on the other hand, are often sold in the dimensions 80 cm x 200 cm or 70 cm x 190 cm. Most providers now offer a product configurator with which you can individually calculate the dimensions for your patio door. However, the specialist companies also help in determining the right size.

Burglary protection

In many cases, the patio door is one of the first points of attack on a house that a burglar uses to orient himself. One of the reasons for this is the fact that in most cases the patio door is at the back of the house with access to the garden. From here, the perpetrator is unobserved, and any noise that may be generated does not easily get to the street.

In addition, patio and balcony doors often offer the lowest resistance and can be easily levered open. This only takes a few seconds and hardly makes any noise. For this reason, you should always secure your patio door against being pried open.

The easiest way to do this is to use a mushroom lock, which prevents it from being levered open by mushroom-like pins attached to the door leaf. Most patio doors today are equipped with such a mushroom headlock as standard, but if you still have an older door without it, you should retrofit it. Another inexpensive option, which can be implemented quickly, is the attachment of lockable door handles to prevent reaching from outside.